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Dismantling & Loading

PAPERTECH offer Total solutions – which means selling a second hand machine is not only focused around the sale itself.

We offer our customers 1st class handling of the whole project buying a second hand machine or equipment.

The dismantling, packing and loading of a machine is an extremely important issue – PAPERTECH have experienced personnel and sub-contractors to handle these jobs. We have the right equipment and tooling for handling all jobs from even the smallest label machine to the biggest printing or extrusion machine.

PAPERTECH – Project management means upon your request are Papertech able to offer services such as measuring and description of job, Test runs, Control and securing of electrical and mechanical parts, Mobile cranes, fork lifts, jacks and other lifting equipment, Loading on truck or into container, Organizing transport, Reloading, installation and start-up and much much more.

Our service can be tailor made to suit exactly your requirement.


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