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Electric Panels

All electrical panels are manufactured in accordance with CE standards.

We are able to realize any type of electrical panel, including special panels for customers with special specifications.

You don't find what you are searching for? Contact us, we will be happy to satisfy all your requests. 


It is our goal that from the beginning of the project to the starter of the machine there is only one person responsible. We carry out internally the design of the electrical panel, the construction of the switchboards, the installation, testing and tuning at the customer’s premises accompanied by documentation. The company can also provide operating software.

Saving and performance, our automation system is extremely competitive. All our panels are built according to current regulations and tested with the use of specific equipment for the continuity control and efficiency of the circuit for the protection of the insulation resistance and the resistance to the voltage applied frequency industrial in addition to auxiliary functional checks of power and control.


The electric panels are made with the best components on the market, we also build special paintings (to customer specifications) using all the most popular brands. A few examples:

The electrical and electronic components we use are of the best known brands.

Siemens, Omron, ABB, Telemecanique ensure assistance and technical features that allow us to design an electrical panel efficiently.


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