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Welcome to Papertech - your reliable partner, supplier and solution provider!

We have more than 30 years of experience with export all around the world of machinery, equipment and services for the producers and converters of flexible packaging, paper and labels. At Papertech the customer is always in focus and we aim to listen and understand the needs of our customers.

Your success is our motivation.

Our selection of machines and equipment for sale will continually be updated here on our web-site - please see the categories here.  

We generally offer machines from the European market which are normally known for their high quality and good condition - Almost all our machines for sale we have exclusivity to sell. We are your right choise as a partner and supplier.


We intend not only to create a sale but a long lasting relationship...

Turconi il gruppo bonucci

Mabv machineries

CBS creative business solutions, company

papiria macchinari usati carta

papiria Celotti machinery srl


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