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Technical service

The fundamental point for Our company is to assist Our customers with efficiency and reliability.

We are aware of how important it is for companies to have efficient and always operational machine tools and for this we offer rapid technical assistance to minimize machine downtime.

The technical service and restoration provides that our technical staff carry out the inspection at the company of our customer in order to make a correct diagnosis of the problems manifested by the evaluation of the fault or malfunction of the machinery. Once we have obtained the confirmation of being able to proceed with the restoration we are committed to intervene promptly, thanks also to the wide availability of spare parts present in Our warehouse, and efficiency.

In addition, our staff can offer:

- Telephone assistance service (the first contact with the customer solves the problem in 40% of cases; to plan the intervention as soon as possible);

- Scheduled periodic maintenance service; We propose some maintenance and assistance plans, including the annual service plan that includes a series of preventive checks, ordinary or extraordinary interventions;

- Lifting and transport with trucks and special vehicles after any removal of fairing and components to make the dimensions of the machinery suitable for transport; 

- Installation with ground fixing, levelling and functional checks of the machines.


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