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Technological upgrades performed on machinery in the context of the Industry 4.0 plan are classified as Revamping 4.0. This is a series of activities that aim to extend the life cycle of equipment or plants in the production process.

Revamping promotes industrial automation and provides many other benefits, starting with the fact that it is not necessary to replace the machines, but simply to modernise them. As industrial plants undergo renovation and renovation, there is the opportunity to extend their life cycle in the context of the production process: all this translates into substantial savings.


It is not superfluous to point out, in fact, that these infrastructure modernisation operations have a lower cost than what would have to be incurred if it were decided to buy new ones. The revamping ensures greater energy savings and, in addition, increases production capacity by the company, as well as raising safety standards.

Automation, however, is the most important of the advantages of revamping in Industry 4.0, as it allows to reduce manual tasks and simplify work: a goal that is made possible thanks to the 4.0 interconnection, which is the main reference activity for revamping. It involves interconnecting the machinery with the management and other machinery, but also with the local network or other elements that make up the infrastructure. The interconnection consists, that is, in the integration hardware and software with the plant that is used, in order to improve the old with the new. This makes it possible to efficiently automate the management of orders and the warehouse. 

It is not said, however, that this type of activity should be performed only on old systems; on the contrary, it is possible to proceed even on more recent installations.

In some cases, a retrofit task is required to integrate previously non-existent features. Thanks to the 4.0 interconnection it is possible, among other things, to execute the command and the remote control from an application or from MES, so that the remote connection is guaranteed as a web application. 



To carry out a revamping you must follow a small and necessary process that can be divided into the following phases:

1.  Initial assessment indicating the possibility of revamping and suitability for industry 4.0 

2.  Disassembly and verification of plant and/or machine

3.  Actual maintenance and reconditioning

4.  Testing

5.  Starting the machine and/or plant



Implementation of new technologies

We can introduce on the machine the most current and modern technologies such as PLC, remote control, networking etc.

Increased safety

Revamping allows to implement solutions that make the operator’s work on the machine safer;

Performance increase

Our revamping projects can help customers improve machine performance by increasing machine capacity;

Reduction of energy consumption

Energy saving is now among the goals of every company. The revamping allows the customer to increase the efficiency of the machine reducing the consumption and the polluting power of the plant;

Compliance with and recertification

The intervention of our technicians allows the machine to be in line with the regulations. We also offer a recertification service, which is essential for re-entering incentives 4.0;

Reduction of maintenance costs

Updating the machine and its components reduces maintenance costs and the disadvantages of plant downtime.


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